Permanent system installation

Fixed systems consist of permanently installed equipment. The products may be anchorage points, wire systems or rail systems. When the user arrives at a fixed installation he can then connect to the system in order to be able to work safely and securely.

We custom-fit the equipment according to each unique environment

We have significant experience of many varied installations. We can fit anything from simpler installations to turn-key projects, and we will always find a solution to your particular problem.

We have installed fall protection systems far underground in mines, shafts and hydro-electric power plants. At ground level we have installed systems for most industries numbering for instance, the automotive, paper & pulp, packaging, steel and chemical industries.

Continuing on upwards we see we have installed fixed systems in amusements parks, telecom masts, power cable masts and wind-power plants. Out at sea we install systems on cranes, ships, oil-drilling platforms and wind-power plants.

Other customers are municipalities, regional authorities and the armed forces.

The installation can be carried out by our own installation team or trained sub-contractors.

Please contact Cresto for advice.