Arrester fixation for Tripod

Tripod that enables safe working in for example manholes, cisterns, etc.

In combination with a fall arrester with the HRA15 winch, the fall protection function in the arrester can also be used to rescue a person in distress.

The tripod has adjustable legs. Can be raised and lowered between 155 and 255 cm. Adjustable diameter between 110 and 179 cm. Weight 17 kg. Max load 2 persons.


  • Fall arrester HRA15 with winch
  • Anchor point for fall arrester
  • Triopd carrier bag

Complies with EN 360 and EN 1496.

Printing version Users Guide Instruction movie
Code Description Unit Pack
012280004 Tripod TPA-53 aluminium PCS 1
012210076 Safety block HRA with winch PCS 1
Code Description Unit Pack
012280012 Attachment for fall prot block PCS 1
012280020 Storage bag for tripod PCS 1