Rescue equipment RedPro

Rescue and evacuation equipment that works on the principle of centrifugal force. Constant lowering speed (0,8 m/sec) regardless of the weight of the person being rescued, or the height from which the person is being lowered from. Easy to use and allows quick and safe evacuation/resuce from, for example, cranes, skylifts, platforms and industrial buildings. Equiped with a winch for shorter lifting distances, brake- and rope-lock. The winch is used to lift a person in order to loosen any lanyards following a fall and to facilitate a safe evacuation. Crestos patented vacuum packing secures simple and quick yearly inspections as well as up to 10 years liftetime for unbroken packages.

A complete ResQ RED Pro kit, includes:

  • Rescue and evacuation device, ResQ RED Pro
  • Kernmantle rope, 10 mm (including karabiners) according to lenghts in table below
  • Accessory package Rescue, article number: 012230025 (see article for more info)
  • Vaccumpacked in aluminumbag and soft bag, Cresto 9444
  • Packed and sealed in ResQ SKV box, 9446

Other lengths and configurations available on request.

Complies with EN 341-2011 class A , EN 1496, CSA Z259.2.3-99(R2004) type 1E, ANSI Z359.1 and ANSI Z359.4

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Art.nr Type Length Unit Pac
012231001 COMPLETE 50 METER PCS 1
012231003 COMPLETE 75 METER PCS 1
012231005 COMPLETE 100 METER PCS 1
Art.nr Type Length Unit Pac
012231007 COMPLETE 125 METER PCS 1
012231009 COMPLETE 150 METER PCS 1