Positioning equipment ResQ Alf 6860

This special equipment is intended to be used as a part of a personal system for fall protection, positioning, rescue or hoisting of material. It is also possible for a person to easily move both up and down across a work area. Also used for rescue and other assignments requiring a fixed position.

A complete ResQ ALF kit, including:

  • 1 pcs ResQ ALF, RP-431
  • 2 pcs Pulley wheels, RP-064
  • 1 pcs bag, Cresto 9444
  • 3 pcs Karabiner 9669
  • 2 pcs Anchorage sling, 1 m, 9283
  • 1 pcs Connecting link
  • Working length, 16-20 m
  • Max 250 Kg SWL 150 Kg

Other lengths and configurations available on request.

Complies with EN 341 and EN 1496.

Printing version Users Guide Instruction movie
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012231101 100 m PCS 1