Rescue equipment Cresto MRU

Manual rescue and evacuation equipment that attaches to the harness chest attachment and enables controlled descents from varied heights. The lowering brake is operated with one hand, locking both in extended and fully released positions, the so-called "anti panic"-function. Can also be used to lower another person, the device is then attached to a anchorage point above the user.

MRU10- MRU20-Kit, includes:

  • 1 pcs descent device DSD Plus
  • 1 pcs Kernmantle rope, 10.5 mm, 10 or 20 m
  • 1 pcs bag, Cresto 9447

Other lengths and configurations available on request.

Complies with EN 341.

Printing version Users Guide Instruction movie
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012230108 MRU KIT 10 PCS 1
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012230116 MRU KIT 20 PCS 1