Anchor line Cresto 1222

Extremely versatile, lightweight anchor line, easily adjustable for the right length. The line can be extended at the push of a button, and it is shortened by pulling the free end. Practical for example when working on roofing. The line is attached to the harness's chest attachment point and giving full control of the line length and providing support whilst working. The shock absorber is positioned at the top of the line to enable easy handling of the adjuster.

  • Rope-rat adjuster, (not adjustable under load)
  • Supplied with 1 screwgate karabiner, 9668 and 1 karabiner, 9673
  • 11 mm, 32-braided kernmantle rope
  • Cover and core of polyamide
  • > 35 kN rope strength
  • Rope wheight 0,079 Kg

Complies with EN353-2

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Code Type Length m Unit Pack
012202701 1222 10 PCS 1
012202719 1222 15 PCS 1
Code Type Length m Unit Pack
012202727 1222 20 PCS 1