ResQ DD-X rescue equipment, kit

ResQ DD-X is designed and used for the safe rescue and evacuation of personnel in the event of an accident. By connecting a winch, axle and brake drum directly to each other, ResQ DD-X (Direct Drive) is capable of handling dynamic weight loads of up to 282 kg and heights up to 600 meters, exceeding current EN standards. The innovative design of ResQ DD gives a product that is robust, safe and easy to use. Crestos patented vacuum packing secures simple and quick yearly inspections as well as up to 10 years liftetime for unbroken packages.

A complete ResQ DD-X kit, including:

  • 1 pcs ResQ DD-X – device
  • Kernmantle rope, 10.5 mm (including karabiners), according to lenghts in table below
  • Accessory package Rescue, article number: 012230025 (see article for more info)
  • Vaccumpacked in aluminumbag and soft bag, Cresto 9444
  • Packed and sealed in ResQ SKV box, 9446

Other lengths and configurations available on request.

Complies with EN 341-2011 klass A, ANSI Z359.4-2013 och CSA-Z259.2.3-L2:2012 class B.

Printing version Users Guide Instruction movie
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012231010 RESQ DD-X 50 METER PCS 1
012231011 RESQ DD-X 75 METER PCS 1
012231012 RESQ DD-X 100 METER PCS 1
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012231013 RESQ DD-X 125 METER PCS 1
012231014 RESQ DD-X 150 METER PCS 1
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012231034 RESQ DD-X 25M ST 1
Code Type Length Unit Pack
012231039 RESQ DD-X 50M ST 1