Fall arrester Cresto 51

An assortment of self-locking rope grabs with auto-returning connection wire. Tested in both horizontal and vertical planes, providing a very broad area of application. The strong plastic casing has a very low weight. The fall arrestor is built into the block and the fall indicator is located in the connection hook.

NB! When using fall arrester 51, a 2 meter wire sling, order code 9104, must be used, connecting the block to the harness. The reinforced wire sling eliminates wear of the block wires in the event of falling over sharp edges.

  • Strong plastic casing.
  • 4.5 mm galvanised wire.
  • Swivelling connection hook.

Complies with EN 360.

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Code Type Max length m Wt kg Unit Pack
012210068 51-20 20 7.8 PCS 1