Harness Cresto 1136 HI-VI

This new harness is developed with and for professional industrial tower- and pole climbers. With focus on details, ergonomics and comfort. The harness has a H-design, that makes it easy to open up and to put on. The design of the harness gives a great comfort and is perfect when working within utilities. For demanding users that works with support and carry a harness a full working day. In the same time, the harness is both robust and light in weight. The Ergo-plus belt carry loops for tool bags and accessories. On the backside of the belt the user will find good place to place a personal rescue device, like the “Smartline” (see rescue equipment). 1136 replaces 1132.

  • Attachment point, galvanised D-ring, on the back
  • Attachment point, webbing loops, on the chest
  • Attachment point, low, webbing loops, for positioning
  • Ergonomic support belt with galvanised D-rings, for support and positioning
  • Tool rings on belt, for accessorises and bags
  • Air-flow back-and shoulder padding
  • Leg padding for comfort and support
  • Automatic quick-connect buckles (Cobra), leg
  • Polyester Hi-Vis webbing, 45 mm, > 30 kN band strength

Complies with EN361, EN358, EN813.

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Size A B C DD
Shoulder Waist Thigh D-ring
S 96-136 84-113 46-61 36
M 96-136 94-123 46-66 46
Size A B C DD
Shoulder Waist Thigh D-ring
L 96-146 104-133 48-73 56
XL 114-143 48-78 66
Code Type Size Unit Pack
012200486 1136 HI-VI Small ST 1
012200487 1136 HI-VI ST 1
Code Type Size Unit Pack
012200488 1136 HI-VI Large ST 1
012200489 1136 HI-VI X-Large ST 1