This is not a conventional fall arrest retractable. OSCAR is designed with a sealed inner-construction and a linex coating on the outside. This is an off shore climbing assistant retractable, designed to work under extreme circumstances in an off shore environment.



In accordance with the standard EN 360, conventional fall arrest blocks allow a maximum fall distance of 1.7m. This distance will actually increase the risk of the user being injured between the vessel and the ladder. With our design we have succeeded to reduce the maximum length of a fall as far as possible, to 0.7 meter. At the same time we reduced the impact force on the user to only 4.4 kN, being compared with the technical standards allowing 6 kN.


The expected lifetime of the design in at standard application is 30 years with a recommended service interval of 6 years. The 6 years interval is thanks to the product quality and documented based on track record since the launch of OSCAR in 2007. Continuously tests are being done to prolong our knowledge on the product life cycle.


So in the end of each day it’s a matter of safe transfer from the vessel to the ladder, and of safety for the persons climbing the ladders up and down securing distribution of green energy.