CE marking of Personal Protection Equipment
implies that the product meets all the requirements stipulated in the EU directive for PPE: 89/686/EEG. As this is an obligatory directive, all PPE must be CE marked in order to be marketed within Europe.


For manufacturers of Personal Protection Equipment Categories II and III, the manufacturer must use a so-called 'Notified Body' that through a type test confirms that the product meets the applicable demands of the Directive. The type test is conducted to a harmonised European Standard, if there is one. Following an approved type test, a certificate of EU type test is issued. Concerning Category III products (Fall Protection), the manufacturer must in addition to the type test also allow a Notified Body to carry out inspections of the manufactured products on a continual basis. This can be through product inspection, or alternatively an audit of the manufacturer's quality system. The manufacturer gets to choose the preferred method to be used.



EN Standards.
The Personal Protection Equipment manufactured by Cresto is fall protection systems developed to save the life of the user (Category 3 - PPE - Personal Protection Equipment for fatal or serious danger). All products must be compliant with, and approved according to current European EN standard.