The ABC of fall protection

An easy way of remembering the parts of a fall protection system is to think "ABC" an acronym for Anchorage, Body & Connecting device. In simple terms your fall protection system is not complete if any of these components are missing. As there are many types of products available, it is important to assure yourself that all the components are compatible.


A - Anchorage point

The anchorage point for the connection line has to be a safe attachment able to take a load of at least 12 kN. Existing points can, for example, be found in H-beams, scaffolding or other fixed or structural points.

  • Permanent anchorage points. Examples are attachment eyes, horizontal wire systems, horizontal rail systems.
  • Temporary anchorage points. Among other examples are attachment slings made from woven tape and wire.


B - Full body harness

Used to hold and, in the event of a fall, safely catch the user before, during and after a fall.

  • A full harness must be used for all fall protection situations


C - Connecting device

Used between the full harness and the anchorage point.

  • Fall arrester line: Max 2 metres, with fall arrester
  • Fall arrester block: With self-recoiling line and integrated fall arrester
  • Fall-stop line: A fall protection system that allows the users to work in a risk area and, in the event of a fall, to catch the individual through a fall arrester.
  • Support line: A system providing support for the user, at the same time preventing the user from reaching a risk area, no fall arrester

...and don't forget to have a rescue plan!