Fixed installations - Wire systems

Wire system

A wire system provides safe and free motion in fall risk areas Being connected to the system allows work to be carried out in a safe and secure manner. The systems can be installed for example on roofs, walls, machinery, overhead and tower cranes, masts and more. The systems can be used by several workers at the same time. We offer a flexible range of safety solutions, primarily in collaboration with Vertic, which is ISO 9001 certified.


  • The components are made from stainless material for longevity.
  • The wires' flexibility enables them to follow any imaginable curvature.
  • The wire is held in position by intermediate fixation points and pre-formed bends.
  • The users never need to reconnect themselves as the carriages run over the intermediate fixation points and bends.
  • The intermediate fixation points are reinforced to be able to take a fall without becoming deformed.
  • Fall and pre-tension indicators are embedded in the components.
  • Wire fixation points are available in both pressed and screw-threaded versions.


Altiline (Complies with EN-795 Class C) enables free movement at a distance in complete safety.



Combiline is a flexible safety device patented by VERTIC to meet the safety requirements for roofs with a slope of more than 15°. Areas of application: inclined access ways, arched roofs, amusement parks, forced lines, stairs, etc

Construline (Complies with EN-795 Class C) is a lifeline that enables movement from one support to another without detaching when the lifeline is close to the operator.


Vertiline (EN-353-1) is a safety device that permits vertical movement at height in complete safety.