Fixed installations - Rail & Ladder Systems

Rail and ladder system

Horizontal or vertical systems - we have plenty of expertise in both.


We adapt the solution to the specific needs of the site and the environment in which the equipment is to be used.


Cresto vertical rail and ladder system

Our vertical fall protection rails are suitable for installation on existing ladders everywhere in a fall risk environment. Climbing up masts and towers can be achieved safely and in a relaxed manner when the sliding lock is connected to the rail.

If there is no ladder we have a fall protection ladder in which the rungs are integrated in the rail.

We have various fixation alternatives that can be adapted into a system to suit your own particular needs. The rails can be roller-bent so that the systems follow the curves of façades, or to allow the system to continue horizontally, on a roof, for example. The fixation distance is a maximum of 2.1 metres between the fixation points of the vertical rail and 1.0 metres for the horizontal rail.

The installation is easy using our instructions, or we can do it for you.  The aluminium rails are made from salt-water-proof extruded material and are additionally individually anodised after processing for the best possible corrosion resistance. Alternatives to aluminium are either hot-galvanised or stainless steel rails.

We can design different installation solutions to suit your particular needs.


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