2016-12-28 Cresto acquires AAK Safety – and creates the leading fall protection specialist in the Nordic region.

Cresto AB entered into an agreement today to acquire AAK Safety AS. AAK Safety is the leading fall protection specialist in Norway, with annual revenue of approximately MSEK 70 and some 30 employees.

AAK Safety is a niche company specialising in fall protection, with sales of personal protective equipment, fixed fall protection systems and related services to customers in such areas as the energy, telecom, offshore and rescue industries in Norway. The company also conducts sales via construction and industrial resellers.

“We are already well acquainted with AAK Safety and know that it is a well-established company with a high level of expertise and dedicated employees, good customer relationships and a strong position in an attractive and growing market,” says Patrik Malterling, President of Cresto. “Together, we are now creating the leading supplier of fall protection solutions in the Nordic region and we anticipate excellent opportunities for cooperation with the goal of further development and growth within both Cresto and AAK Safety.”

Cresto, the market-leading supplier of fall protection solutions to the industrial and construction sectors in Sweden and Denmark, already has an established partnership with AAK Safety concerning the companies’ proprietary product brands. The acquisition now further strengthens and develops this partnership and the companies have combined annual revenue of just over MSEK 150 and approximately 70 employees.

“The choice of owner that will be able to develop AAK Safety in this next phase was natural for us and our owners,” says Sverre Njål Bersås, President of AAK Safety. “With Cresto on board, we will become an even stronger and more attractive player in fall protection – for both our customers and our suppliers – and I personally look forward to continuing this long-term, positive development together.”

Closing is scheduled to take place in February 2017.

For further information, please contact: Patrik Malterling, President, Cresto, Tel: +46 10 454 75 10

2016.06.15 Summer opening hours.

During w. 28-31 we will have limited staffing at the office and in the production.
The office will be open from 8am to 12pm.


Summer opening hours.

2016.02.23 Safety Notice from AustriAlpin about Cobra buckles

AustriAlpin informs about the need for inspection of their quick connect buckle, Cobra that is used in some of Crestos harnesses, like 1136.
Please read attachment and follow instructions. This information will also pop-up in our inspection database Inspector, at next log-in.

Read the notice


2015.12.10 We value your opinion!

We have now published our 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey. We would highly appreciate your participation. Your answers will be anonymous and used to improve Cresto. The survey takes about 2 minutes to complete.
Link to the survey


Thanks for helping to make Cresto better!


2015.10.13 This year we support the Pink Ribbon campaign against breast cancer.

In light of this event we decided to produce a limited edition of pink harnesses.

From 16th of October and on you can become a proud owner of a neon pink Cresto 1128 harness.

To raise awareness for the Pink Ribbon Campaign our instructors will during October wear a pink harness during work and training.


2015.09.25 Info about DMM Product recall

Please see and read attached information about DMMs product recall.


Cresto info about DMM Product recall notice


DMM Product Recall Notice



2015.08.27 Telephone problems!

We currently have some issues with our switchboard but are working on fixing the problem as soon as possible. If you would like to get in touch with the office please email us at Thanks for your patience!


2015.07.14 Hello Summer!

Our digital newsletter is now out!

It includes product news, updates on our website and some tips on adventurous holiday activities in Sweden.
Click this link to read the newsletter.


You can subscribe to our newsletter here


2015.06.16 Happy Summer Holiday!

The summer is just around the corner and we at Cresto would like to wish you all a very happy and warm summer holiday. Yet again we hope the weather gods are on our side.

Our production and service departement will be closed during week 30-31.

Our office will however be manned between 8 am and 12 pm during this period.


2015.04.14 Cresto certified for all 5 GWO modules!

As the first actor in Sweden, Cresto has now been approved and certified to conduct all five GWO training modules. All 5 modules are as follows: First Aid, Working at height, Manual handling, Fire awareness and Sea Survival. The picture shows training in safe transfer from boat to ladder in the Båstad harbour, where we perform our sea survial training. See a clip on YouTube here


2015.02.27 Cresto focus and invest in services!

We are happy to inform you that we now start an increased focus and investment on our services, such as training and installation. We now hire Alexander Lundh that will help in developing our offering within installations of fixed systems. Alexander has worked many years for Cresto as an external partner and brings experience and competence into our organization. Alexander is most welcome!


2014.12.10 Thank you for 2014! – info about shutdown during Christmas and new year

We would like to take the opportunity and thank all our customers for 2014. In the same time wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The office and production will be closed from the 23rd of December until the 5th of January.


2014.09.24 Curious about what we do at Cresto?


Check out the movie about us here!

2014.09.23 Cresto participating at Wind Energy Hamburg!

Come to Hamburg and meet us in hall A1, stand 103. Red dot awarded rescue devices and great coffee!





2014.09.08 Easier to choose the right fall protection solution with help from ABC!

We believe in simplicity. We want it to be easy to understand, buy and sell fall protection. To explain and make the use of fall protection easier, we implement the Cresto ABC-system. A complete and safe fall protection solution always include these 3 parts:
A = Anchorage
B = Body device
C = Connecting device


2014.05.21 A new survey reveals serious gaps in training for working at heights

Working at height often entails risks and currently every third workplace accident in Sweden is a fall accident. Despite this, one out of three employees has rarely or even never received information about height risks from their employer, as shown in a new survey commissioned by the fall protection manufacturer Cresto.


Read the press release

2014-03-26 - Swedish Cresto's "ResQ DD" hailed internationally - Rescue equipment receives the world's greatest design accolade "Red Dot Award: Product Design Award"

Cresto, the Swedish manufacturer of personal fall protection, outclassed hundreds of other international products when the company was awarded the prestigious design prize "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014". The award is a major global quality acclamation for first class design. This year's Red Dot saw more companies than ever before vying for the coveted title.


Read the press release


2014-02-12 Cresto 1135 RA –new harness for rope access!

Crestos new harness for rope access has been very well received on the market. The unique balance and comfort have been a very nice and positive surprise for many users. We are very happy about this. The harness is designed with high quality and is very robust. 1135 RA was launched at A+A, last autumn, and the following demand has been great. But we are now back on track and the harness is available again.
See more info in the 1135-movie, by clicking on this link.


2013-12-20 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thank you all suppliers and customers for 2013. We are looking forward of continued cooperation in 2014!


2013-12-11 The new ResQ DD

At the A+A show in Germany (5th to 8th of November) Cresto launched the new innovative (patent pending) rescue equipment ResQ DD. See all benefits and the new updated information move here.


2013-11-27 The A+A show – a great success!

Cresto participated at the A+A show, the 5th to 8th of November in Düsseldorf, Germany. The general feeling during and after the show was very positive and we were really happy about the received feedback on our innovations like the ResQ DD and the new rope access harness, 1135. See more info about these, and other, products at our movie page Or at our official YouTube page

Thanks you all that did visit us in our stand. Keep in contact and see you again!


2013-07-11 Cresto launches new innovative Rescue & Evacuation device, ResQ DD!

2013-06-13 Pre-launch gathering at Cresto´s facilities in Halmstad together with our partners to celebrate the newly acquired Certification for the coming Rescue & Evacuation device ResQ DD.

The new innovative (patent pending) ResQ DD is the first in line to be certified according to the new    EN-341:2011/1B standard for the maximum load of 280 kg and multiple descents up to 200 meter or single descent with 280 kg up to 600 meter.

Developed for extreme environment for working or rescue at heights where user simplicity and reliance are key factors. Thanks to its easy engagement/disengagement of the hoist mechanism and the fact that there are no surfaced spinning parts that can cause problems or even injuries, the new ResQ DD meets and exceeds our expectations.

The ResQ DD will be a great complement to the rest of our rescue products within ResQ family such as ResQ RedPro, ResQ SmartLine and ResQ-Alf. With ResQ DD Cresto takes innovation to new heights!

If you would like to see and hear more information about ResQ DD, click here to view DD-Film or feel free to contact us.

More information will be presented in a near future, the global launch will take place at the A+A show in Germany, 5-8th of November.
A Big Thanks to all involved!     


2013-05-31 GWO Certification!

Cresto AB is currently quality certified in the areas of quality, environment and health & safety (ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001). This also covers our services and trainings. Now we are also certified to perform and run GWO trainings for the growing market within wind energy. The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is an association of Wind Turbine owners and manufacturers with the aim of supporting an injury free work environment in the wind industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this course.


2013-04-08 China Wind Expo 2013 in Shanghai

Cresto is right now participating at the China Wind Expo 2013 in Shanghai. The Wind Energy business is under great development in China and the safety concerns are increasing. Crestos experience and recognized resuce solutions are presented at the exhibiton.


2013-03-01 1128

- is a revolution within the range of full body harnesses. The design makes the harness flexible and possible to use in a many different working environments. The harness is flexible in size, simple to put on and adjust for perfect fit. Read more....



2013-03-01 Continued investment in our Services & Training!

Interest in our training programmes and services is constantly growing. In order to make our services more accessible, there is now an updated course programme with code numbers on our new website. All courses are quality assured and held by certified instructors. Please contact Category Manager Michael Gullvert if you have any questions about Cresto services.


2013-02-26 Made in Sweden

Cresto is and always has been a Swedish company with production in Sweden. We are very proud of this and will now try to be better at spreading the word about our origins and describing Fall protection. Among other things, a Swedish flag and an info-tag will be attached to numerous products explaining the workmanship required to produce personal fall protection equipment. We hope and believe that this will make our retailers and users even more confident and proud to work with our products.


2013-02-05 A B C

Many believe that Fall protection is a complex product category. We do not, and our ambition is to remove the difficulty for our users. Some aids have been launched on our new website. Under Products is a tab called Fall Protection. Here you will find basic information about our products and how they are used. There are also informative films for many products. These can be found per item or under the Download and Films tab.



2013-01-21 RFID for Inspector

As an aid for trained/certified Competent Persons we are now launching an RFID* starter pack (code number 012291001) and tags for this. The starter pack is sold with an RFID reader, which is connected to a computer using the supplied USB cable. The reader does not require any software and installs by itself. The tag is connected to the fall protection product with the supplied key ring or a simple cable tie, for example. The tag is then linked to the product with the help of the RFID reader and its information in Inspector. And when the next inspection is due, the inspector need only read the tag to access all requisite info. Easy and practical, but also double safety from a traceability perspective.


We have also started to produce/deliver a selected number of items from the Cresto range with integrated tags/chips. The RFID reader can then be used with the product's first inspection. You can see which products have RFID tags/chips integrated from the product label or our website. These are labelled with the RFID symbol.